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Once you get a taste of the beauty, fun, and convenience of Float In, you’ll be hooked! That’s why we offer Club memberships which can save visitors THOUSANDS of dollars every year.

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Ages 12 and up
(Ages 12-18 must be accompanied by an adult)
Daily entry
Shuttle & Tubing Details Below.
Ages 12 and up
(Ages 12-18 must be accompanied by an adult)
Daily entry
Private early 8am entry
One free Drink per day
One corkage fee tag*
10 friend entry passes*
Shuttle & Tubing Details Below.
*for the year
children 3 - 11
Weekend Entry
*daily river access required on weekends & holidays
Shuttle & Tubing Details Below.
*must be purchased with adult membership

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Shuttle & Tubing Details

– Shuttle is included in your membership.
– The city band is not included in your membership.
– Tubes are not included. You must bring a personal tube.
– If you have a River Pass from the city, please bring it so a Float In Team Member can get your information for future use. Tubing will then be at no additional cost & you will not have to carry your Pass each time.
– If you do not have a River Pass, please follow here to learn how you can pick up your pass.
– If you do not have a River Pass and are ineligible to receive one, it will be $2 on weekends and holidays to tube with a shuttle ride back. Covering the city band charge. Details here under “Stewardship” section. This is also where it describes the Can Ban/Fee

Parking information can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page.