the comal

Welcome to our Tube Co! No matter how you float your boat one thing is certain, it’s going to be a wild Texas ride!


Welcome to Tubing the Comal with Float In! PLEASE read the page thoroughly, to understand how to tube the Comal river with us

Adult or Child Day Pass required + $10 Shuttle Pass needed to tube

Annual Members please click Here for your tubing details



Come and enjoy the warm Texas sun on the shortest river in Texas! Take a float down the Comal River.

Day Pass or Membership required to purchase

Adult Day Pass


Ages 12 and up. Includes 1 free drink on the house. Come and enjoy the warm Texas sun on our private river beach. Guests can stay and play, or take a float down the Comal River.

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life Jackets


Life jackets are free to use, please return them back to the bin. All sizes available – children and adult.

recommended for weak swimmers

2021 Season Membership

coming more than once this year? join the tribe!

We offer Club memberships which save members THOUSANDS of dollars every year. See our membership page for complete details about our different levels!